Elite Events offers feather centerpieces for Long Island events. Our feather centerpiece rentals light up from the inside and have
four foot tall spandex towers. We use ostrich plume feathers that are 24 inches long to ensure our centerpieces look amazing. We
let our clients choose the color of the feathers as well as the spandex to match their event color scheme. We also offer animal print
feather centerpieces as shown below in the photograph.

We offer feather centerpiece rentals for events ranging from 5 tables to 50 tables. We get to your event very early to properly setup
the centerpieces and make sure they look great. Somebody stays at your event to make sure the centerpieces stay lit up and do not
fall over. At the end of the event we will take down the feather centerpieces once your guests have left. Give us a call today to check
out all our different color options and to view past photos and videos of these table centerpieces.
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Feather Centerpiece Rentals For Long Island Events

Light Up Feather Centerpiece Rentals For Your Special Event

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