Elite Events offers a huge selection of lounge furniture rental for your Long Island special event. Our lounge furniture included white couches,
ottomons, benches and light up tables. We also offer
glow furniture that lights up and is popular for our Long Island glow parties. Glow cubes,
glow tables, light up dance stages and black lights will transform any room into a glow party. We offer lounge furniture rentals for events
ranging from 50 to 500 guests. We will create a seating plan and furniture rental layout to maximize the lounge area at your event. You are able
to mix and match couches, tables, love seats and benches to create cool VIP seating areas for your guests.

We also offer drapery that is illuminated by wireless LED uplighting to add some privacy and separation for your guests. With our event drapery
we are able to create all different styles of seating areas as well as incorporate color lighting that will match your party. Give us a call today to
schedule a meeting and check out our different lounge furniture rental pieces. We also offer lounge furniture as part of our DJ packages.

Long Island Lounge Furniture Rental

Rent Glow Furniture, Glow Cubes, White Couches, Ottomons and More

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